KidLitVic 2019!

Hi all

I’ve just returned after an amazing time down in Melbourne at the annual KidLitVic Conference! More than 200 book authors and illustrators met at the Melbourne Town Hall to listen to inspiring speakers and be inspired. Subjects included, ‘What Makes Pulishers Say Yes’, The Inside Story’, and ‘The Slush Pile’ just to name a few.

My portfolio!

My portfolio!

I had the pleasure of having my portfolio in the illustrators showcase. There were amazing portfolios there and I was in awe of the variety of styles and the talent.

The conference was also attended by a huge variety of publishers- what an impressive array of speakers with a wealth of knowledge to share. I had the pleasure of meeting with Anna Solding from Midnight Sun publishing, as well as an up close and personal session with the awesome Donna Rawlins. She had very helpful tips on what to do next. I’m just about to start working on those ideas today!

Such a great day I was sorry for it to end, but must add that my head was bulging from so much information that I need time to process all that I have heard.

An incredibly huge thank you to the talented team of organisers Alison Reynolds, Coral Vas’s, Sarah Reynolds Nicky Johnson. Their dedication has done so much to promote growth for so many in the Australian children’s publishing world!

The illustrators showcase

The illustrators showcase


SCBWI 2019!

Wow! I’m still getting my head around the excitement that was SCBWI 2019! I thought I would do a little write up while the experience is fresh to those interested in hearing all about it.

On Sunday 24th February 2019 the conference began with a trip to the Children’s Bookshop at Beecroft. It was an exciting event as we saw the launch of any new Australian picture books. What a lovely time catching up with friends in the kid lit community. Anticipation was building for the conference.

Monday morning arrived and by 6.30 I was on the bus clutching my portfolio on my way to the illustrators showcase in the Novotel Sydney city. I made the journey in one and a half hours and walked through the doors about 8.01. Phew!

Upstairs in a dedicated room, illustrators were doing the set up for the Showcase. Portfolios, business cards and postcards were being lined up. Anticipation filled the air! I set up in haste as did the other illustrators, with a final glance back at my portfolio, I walked out the door. The room was then only accessed by publishers for the entire day.

After an introduction by the amazing Susanne Gervay, the day was full of day was full of wonderful workshops by leaders in the Kid lit industry.

At the end of the day we were able to wander through the showcase. I was amazed at the variety of styles and the high standard that was set. It was an honour to be included!


The day ended with a dinner dance and a chance to let down our hair after such a big day!

The next days conference took place at the Mitchell library section of the State Library. I attended two workshops that added to the wealth of knowledge I was gleaning.

I also had the privilege of having a portfolio done by the super talented and super lovely Sarah Davis. Her encouragement meant the world and her guidance will continue to assist me into the future.